Weekend in AC

This past weekend was my big weekend in Atlantic City. Amy and I both met out weight loss goals so we both earned our trips. I booked a decent room in the Tropicana. My friend Toby and headed up for the weekend.

After 3 trips around the block to find the entrance to the parking garage, we grabbed our bags (mine loaded up with a gallon of beer and Captain Morgan because Toby said their were no free drinks in tournaments), and we headed into the hotel. After hiking across the casino and asking directions 3 times (it was that far) we finally got tho the check-in desk. A nice clerk saw we were in a room clear back where we started so he nicely changed or room to this side. We hiked up to the room (my bag was really heavy by this point) only to find the room had not been cleaned; cups all over, sheets off the bed, etc. We hiked back down to the desk, were given a room clear back where we started, and hiked once again. By this point I was exhausted and needed a change of clothes. I took a couple shots of the Captain to get my game on and we headed out.

We then decided to walk (against my better judgment) the 5 blocks to Caesars in the freezing cold crime ridden streets of AC. We signed up for the 9:00 tournament and walked the shops until game time.

The blind structure was tough, 5000 chips, blinds up every 20 min and antes at the third level. Since the table was loose and I didn't catch any decent hands, it was hard to build a stack. I did catch quite a few free Captain and Cokes (yes they were free!). I held out for 2 hours but went out 11th out of 40 some of us. They paid the top 6. Toby went out 9th.

We ended just a bit too late to make the midnight madness as the Taj so we caught the bus back to the Trop and called it a night.

The next day we played the 11:00 at the Showboat and both busted early. I was flopped a straight, got it all in, and busted to a guy with 2 pair who sucked out with a boat on the river. Oh well, I got my money in when I had the best of it, what can you do?

I was out early enough to play the 2:00 tournament. I figured what the hell, we came here to play. I played very conservative and enjoyed my free liquor. Between the earlier game and this one, I was in good shape :P I caught some lucky hands, built my stack slowly, and was somehow still in it after 2 hours. After the 2nd break, I was moved to a new table. They were very tight so I was able to bluff my ass off and pick up quite a few chips. The hand I did show down won so I was sitting pretty.

Another move and I decided to get conservative again. We were down to two tables (about 20 of the original 50+ players were left). I couldn't believe I got this far. I got crap for a while and then picked up Ace & 7 of spades. The flop came down with two spades. I raised trying to win the hand but an old dude across the table called with a cocky grin. To my amazement another spade came on the turn. He checked, I now had the hand. The board wasn't paired so I had the nuts (highest hand possible). I tried to look nervous and raised about half the chips I had left (3/4 of the pot) and he called. The river was a blank and I looked at my chips. Not much left compared to how big the pot was. I asked nervously how many chips he had left. He said more than you have. So I thought for another minute, said "what the hell, I'mm all in" He called instantly and turned white when I showed the flush. He had 2 pair and thought I just had a pair.

The next hour was pretty good. Our table broke and we were down to one table. This annoying librarian looking lady started asking about taking a collection for the bubble boy (the person who loses just before the paid positions). The tourny was paying 7, there were 9 of us. We agreed, 10 bucks each would pay the entry for the guy who bubbled. Then she busted out, two away from the bubble. I felt kind of bad for her but everyone was glad she was gone. She had been bitching about jacks for the past three hours.

I was so excited, at this point I was getting money no matter what! I picked up some OK hands, played well and actually outlasted half the table. The dude across from me had about 1/2 the chips and we were down to 4 players. He was winning with ace rag over and over so I had to make a stand. I looked down and Ace 10 clubs and went all in. He called turning over Ace Jack and it was all over. Still, I just made $318 on my $65 entry. I was so psyched!

I took myself out to the Hard Rock for a pig sandwich to celebrate!

After that the weekend wasn't very eventful. I tried a cash game with Toby that night. There were 5 really drunk guys at our limit table. Thy were all going full speed ahead on every hand. You can beat one drunk idiot but 5 of them made it impossible. I had pocket queens busted 3 times and aces busted once buy idiot hands like 9 4 hitting 2 pair. I should have walked earlier but I was kept thinking they couldn't get lucky forever. I learned my lesson.

The last day I was still a little ahead but I came to play so I entered on last tourny. I got crap cards and busted early. Oh well.

I left AC with $100 less then had come with. However, I had played in 4 tournaments, $100 in a cash game, and I had at least 20 free drinks. I also had a blast. If you do the math, I think I definitely came out ahead.

So what did we learn?
1. Drinks are free in tournaments (don't haul in 10 lbs of liquor).
2. Atlantic City is a shit hole. (don't go there unless you just came to play poker, their ain't nothin to do there but gamble) If I'd have the time it would only have been another $100 or so a piece to fly to Vegas.
3. Jitneys are your friend ($2 short buses that go up and down the strip preventing frostbite, sore feet, and muggings)
4. Never play limit poker with a table of drunk idiots at a bachelor party.
5. The Showboat is the best play to stay and play poker in AC.
6 Old people walk like battering rams when they are gambling away their children's inheritance.