That was a crazy game of poker

Today was soooo fun.

Jen organized a trip to Atlantic City with her co workers and invited me along. As most of you know, I've recently discovered I love poker. Amy and I were hoping to take a trip to Vegas this spring but funds didn't work out and we opted for NYC instead. Since AC is the next best thing and a hell of a lot closer, I figured what the hell. I had $100 of birthday money to enjoy a nice day of poker and Amy was cool watching the kids for the evening s I went ahead and signed on. I had no idea what to expecgt and was a bit nervous about sitting down at a table in a real casino but I figured I'd bust out my $100 in an our or so and spend the afternoon playing nickel slots.

The bus trip up was fun. I hung out with Andy and Jen, and their friend Gordon. I later realized Gordon and I had a special bond, we'd both had sex in the same room. (He rented our former apartment after we moved out.) The 2 1/2 hour trip was $27 and included $20 in free casino money and $5 toward lunch. We had lunch at Sbarro so lunch cost me a total of $2.10 with my coupon. Who's the big winner!

Next we headed up to Mr. Bad Hair's plaza and cashed in our casino coupon. To our surprise they handed us each a $20 bill. Awesome! We didn't really want to play here anyway. We took the Donald's money next door to Ceasar's Palace (not nearly as big or cool as the on in Vegas, but hey, they had poker.) Andy and I felt a rush of excitement and nervousness as we cashed in our $100 each and headed to our table. I had read a book or to and we had played in my basement, but nothing prepares you for sitting down at he real casino felt with your $100 in white chips. Our table was pretty calm, two duets to my right were grinders, only playing the best possible hands, then the dealer, then Andy, then weird black dude with less than the appropriate number of teeth, followed by conservative college guy, all in foreign guy and old raiser dude.

I started off very tight, played my blind and folded when old raiser dude raised before my junk hand. A few more times around and I picked up a winner. Not a big hand but I was up. Andy soon got the blind and came in fighting. Seriously, the kid played 80-90% of the hands he was dealt and hit straights at least 4 times in the first hour. Mr Few Teeth called every bet Andy made and provided Andy with quite the bankroll. One of the grinders lost to Andy 2 or so times and was really getting pissed at Andy's "poor play" beating his perfect play. It was hilarious. I was quite proud of my boy. I won a decent hand after, even if I did have to take the majority of it from Andy, he could afford it :P. The next few hour were slow, aside from the free drinks (7 Captain and Cokes in the 4.5 hrs at the table). Andy won a few more but threw back more than he won.

All the while I was texting Amy and ken, keeping them filled in on how the day was going. Too fun, I love the text message. I'm actually surprized the casino allowed it, but nobody said anything. A while went by with just junk, but I followed the advice of my recent reading, Zen and the Art of Poker, and folded hand after hand without a second thought.

Finally, after correctly folding hand after hand, I hit KK and my excitement went up. I raised and luckily hit another K on the flop. I bet a round, then was luck enough to have the opportunity to pull of the check raise. Big money on that hand when the guy across from me laid down trip 6s, The devil's hand couldn't beat my white suppremisists!

I hit QQ right after that for another small win. With all my chases and losses, and my wins, plus tipping the dealers and cocktail waitress, I ended up with $116 in my rack, . Not bad for a guy who never played poker in a casino before and started with $100. Andy left with about $150 but was easily over $200 at his high point. Although we weren't huge winners, we were both excited to leave the table up instead of down.

Afterward we wasted $20 or so each on penny slots and I had 2 more free drinks. All in all, I came out about even. A whole day of play in AC, bus ride, drinks, and lunch cost me a grand total of nothing. Not bad for an awfully fun day.

I'm still flying high on the fact that I actually played at a real table and didn't lose my shirt. I can't wait to go back!