Life changing decisions already? Part 2

The other night, I was talking to my dad and he asked "how would this decision be good for Marc?" I realized Amy and I always discussed the matter in terms of what was best for Marc but when we shared the dilemma with others, it sounded more like a power struggle between the parents and the school. From the beginning, Marc has been very involved in this process. He enjoys being challenged and dislikes the attention of being expected to get every answer right by his peers. He is very much in favor of acceleration and was disappointed by the principal's decision. We understand that Marc does what is expected of him. If a teacher expects him to do 2nd grade work, that's what he'll do. If they expect him to do the fourth grade work he's capable of, that's what he'll do. He's mature, has a very god sense of humor, and is tall for his age. He's not into competitive sports (it's funny to me how many people have suggested not accelerating because he'll be a year younger than his competitors in sports). We really feel he'd be bored and unchallenged in a second grade class.

Last evening we got the test results. Even we were surprised by what they showed. Marc's IQ was extremely high. His Math ability was "Very Superior" and his English was Superior. The psychologist actually wrote "it would be detrimental for Marc to be placed in second grade classroom next year. Across the board he was advanced in all subjects.

As a parent, it's interesting getting results like this. It's not like A's on a report card. He didn't accomplish some great feet. He simply is what he is. It doesn't make him better, it makes him unique with special needs. It means it's going to be a great effort over the next 10 (yes, we probably lost one) years for us to make sure he gets the challenges and education he needs and deserves.

So now we have to go back to battle. Hopefully the tests will speak for themselves and little will need to be said after the results are shared. We'll just have to see what the next few weeks bring.


Blogger Jer said...

Wow congratulations to Marc! He's such a smart kid. Good luck with your next meeting with the principal.

9:15 AM, August 15, 2008  

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