Life changing decisions already? Part 3

We had our meeting with the new principal and the GT supervisor. After all that build up, the meeting went very well. We sat down and after introductions, the principal said, "so, Marc will be starting in third grade with us this year." She was very supportive and said they would do all they could to make sure he is successful. Now we just have to hope both our childrens' transitions to their new school go smoothly.


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Found your blog through Main Street Plaza. Not judging your decision at all, but as a kid who skipped 3rd grade (by choice), I probably wouldn't do it over again. I had no problem intellectually, but was a short nonathletic person already and the skip exacerbated those differences. My new class called me "Einstein" and were intimidated by my brains. I ended up becoming a really quiet kid (at school, not at home) and not having any really close friendships again until the very end of high school. I haven't read any of the research on how other kids deal with similar situations, and it sounds like you've done your homework. I'd just be careful that your son is sure this is what he wants to do and is socially capable. Good luck!

2:18 AM, October 12, 2009  
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