I have a real niece now

My brother Andy and his wife had their daughter last night. Jen did great and the baby is so cute. Amy came in this morning and said how's it feel to have a real niece. I thought that was a funny. I married into most of my other nieces and nephews. Congrats Andy and Jen.

I did it!!!!

I don't remember if I mentioned it before but I know Amy did on her blog. She and I had bet. If she could lose 15 lbs she got a weekend in NYC with her younger sister. If I could lose 15 lbs I get a weekend to be a degenerate gambler in Atlantic City. We started tree months ago. The deadline: October 31.

Now some of you may be thinking, Erik, you don't have any weight to lose. And if that's the case, although I thank you, I also know you haven't seen me shirtless. I had developed the married man's emblem. Yes, I had, the spare tire. Skinny, skinny, woooaaaamp skinny.

But now I proportionate again. Tonight, one night before the deadline, I hit my goal. Although I'm wearing the same pants size, I can comfortably wear a size lower and I went from the last hole in my belt to the first. And I'm going to AC!!!

I'm even more proud of Amy. She hit her goal Saturday and has dropped two sizes. Unfortunately she no longer has any clothes that fit but that's OK.


Everything's My Fault

Ever go through a period where no matter how hard you try to make everyone happy and do the right thing, everything ends up being your fault?